what happens in each session

The children are encouraged to work together in teams, often devising work from scratch. Every child is given the opportunity to work to the best of their abilities and we are proud of the progress our less confident children have made during their time with us. School can be a daunting time for children many of whom are fearful of speaking in front of people, reading aloud and even working in groups. We make every effort to support these areas and are always thrilled to hear when one of our children has proudly participated in a school assembly or given a brilliant Show and Tell.

As a team, we bring to our sessions extensive experience in professional theatre, education and of course our experience as parents too! We are committed to ensuring our sessions remain low pressure with the focus on fun, imagination and creativity.

Each term is themed and we introduce the topic at the beginning of the term exploring the themes over the coming weeks before rehearsing for our end of term presentations. Our informal presentations offer parents, friends and family the opportunity to see what the children have achieved and learned during the term. 

Recent projects have included:

·      Musical Theatre

·      Heroes and Heroines/Autobiography

·      David Walliams/Physical Comedy

·      Poetry

·      Shakespeare

·      The Twits by Roald Dahl

·      Prop and mask making workshops

·      Mask making

·      Radio plays

·      Puppetry

·      Greek theatre

·      Storytelling

·      Sound and Music

·      Poetry