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Please don’t take our word for it – this a selection of the some of the lovely affirming testimonials we have had from parents:

Susie and Holly have nurtured Lena’s confidence to such a wonderful degree that I can’t imagine her ever not attending. She’s made a wonderful group of friends, bounds into the session with a great sense of enthusiasm and they’re absolutely encouraging her to find her voice and use it with pride
— Gemma, Mum to Lena (Year 1)
Susie and Holly create such a joyous nurturing learning experience. Drama has opened up a new way for my son to understanding the beauty and meaning of the English language.
— Steff, Mum to Ethan (Year 3)
Eva has been attending Drama for a few terms now. Eva is very shy, and I wanted to build up her confidence. Drama has really helped with that and I’m so pleased. She really enjoys going every week. Susie and Holly are fab teachers and the end of term show is always a lovely treat so you can see what the children have been practising.
— Hayley, Mum to Eva (Year 1)
I have loved Drama Club because everyone gets a part to play. Susie and Holly include everyone and encourage even the most unconfident people to perform.
— Ted (Year 5)
Drama club gives my son the opportunity to express himself and to be confident in who he is. It gives him a voice. He has loved the sessions and I have loved watching his end of term performances.
— Alex, Mum to Ted (Year 5)
My daughter has absolutely loved attending drama lessons and it’s the first after school club she has attended when as soon as it’s finished, she is counting down to the next one. Her confidence has grown, and she has loved every session. Thank you for all your hard work in providing such wonderful sessions for them.
— Kerry, Mum to Isabella (Year 1)
“When Lydia joined Limepalm she wouldn't even go on stage with her class assembly in reception. Now nearly 3 years on she is a completely different child who has volunteered to do a Christmas reading to the whole of KS2 children and recently stood up and sang on her own to the whole school in their talent show. There is no doubt in my mind that the work she has done with you has contributed greatly to this change. She is now a very confident child willing to try anything.”
— Gemma, Mum to Lydia, aged 8
“Isabella started Limepalm Drama classes when she was five and, over the last three years, she’s had so much fun performing, her confidence has soared, and she’s developed a real love for Drama. She’s just taken her first LAMDA exam and absolutely loved the whole experience. Thanks to Susie and Holly’s supportive and nurturing approach she couldn’t wait to get in front of the examiner and perform! “I really can’t recommend Limepalm Drama highly enough.”
— Nicky, Mum to Isabella, aged 7
“Jake has done drama with Limepalm for a number of years now and he adores it! He loves the variety of work they do, and each term is as exciting as the last. Jake suffers from stage fright but with each presentation he does, his confidence has grown and grown. Susie and Holly are so supportive and encouraging of the children that they can’t help but flourish. The LAMDA exams are also a fantastic way for the children to see how far they have come and what they can achieve.”
— Melissa, Mum to Jake, aged 10
“Since my daughter has joined Limepalm drama classes, there has been an obvious improvement in confidence, plus a greater ability to express her thoughts and ideas. The environment is encouraging and nurturing which helps bring out the children’s personalities. There is structured management which results in strong performances for all to enjoy. She really looks forward to her time with you!”
— Kerry, Mum to Annabel, aged 7
“Please could Lena continue next term? She’s had such a wonderful time and it’s really raised her confidence, so we would love to nurture that more!”
— Gemma, Mum to Lena, aged 6
Limepalm = fun, confidence building, personality developing, value for money. Our boys have loved their drama sessions and their performances. As parents, we like that it is a small company able to be attentive to each individual. The seed of imagination and performance that lies within is nurtured and encouraged to grow. Thanks for everything.
— Niamh, Mum to Joe and Connor
My daughter was very shy and nervous in social situations which sadly prevented her having fun at parties and joining in with after school clubs. Since she has been attending Limepalm drama classes she has blossomed into a confident and happy little girl who cannot wait for her fun drama class every Saturday morning. She confidently asked for something in a shop the other day. I praised her on how well she did and she said it was because of her drama. Thank you so much.
— Kate, Mum to Grace
I really mean it when I say Tasha’s confidence has increased since working with you guys - her contribution in the classroom has gone from never putting her hand up to do anything, to practically doing a stand-up routine reading out a story she had written, resulting in Miss C laughing her head off. A big change which I credit to you lovely peeps. Thank you.
— Hilary, Mum to Tasha
Limepalm drama has really helped my son’s confidence. He has really come out of his shell and loved every session!
— Gaby, Mum to Ethan
We enrolled my 5year old to help with his confidence. It has noticeably improved and he now offers to help the new members of the group if they are a bit nervous!!
— Claire, Mum to Fraser
This is no ordinary drama class! Children are introduced to a whole range of different mediums, and a variety of techniques are used. Last term they produced a radio play together, complete with sound effects, which the children loved. My daughter thoroughly enjoys the classes, which are facilitated by Susie and Holly in a fun and engaging way. Highly recommended!
— Sarah, Mum to Charlotte
Limepalm is a lovely club, Susie and Holly are very patient and caring with the children. Throughout the year my daughter’s confidence has improved tremendously, she is much better at expressing herself and speak in front of others.
— Cristina, Mum to Lizzy
Our boys have now enjoyed three successive terms with Limepalm; and in that time, they have had lots of fun and developed their confidence greatly. The end of term performance is always well executed and great fun!
— Paul, Dad to Robert and James
Jake loves going to Limepalm! Great fun and a huge confidence boost for both girls and boys.
— Melissa, Mum to Jake